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Selecting me as your wedding photography mentor promises a experience that goes beyond the basics. With my background in wedding photography, I offer a knowledge that covers not only the technical aspects of capturing moments, but also the intricacies of marketing yourself in this competitive industry. Through personalized mentoring, you’ll gain the tools to navigate photography, from building a standout portfolio to using social media. Choosing me as your mentor ensures knowledge that equips you not just as a skilled photographer but as a entrepreneur.

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Mentor Sessions

a one-hour session, either over Zoom or in person, where we delve into your specific interests and inquiries. Whether it’s refining your website, optimizing social media, mastering editing, fine-tuning camera settings, developing marketing strategies, or perfecting posing techniques— the agenda is entirely yours to shape.


Photography Sessions

a one-hour photo shoot of your preference, where you will learn key aspects of photography, including posing, camera settings, lighting, and client interaction. This hands-on experience is designed to provide you with tools to get you ready for paid sessions. Following the shoot, we’ll have a 30-minute Q&A session, offering you the opportunity ask questions, shoot realted or not.