The Best Photo Spots in Northern Utah

I am a portrait photographer based in Layton, UT. I have spent a lot of time in the northern Utah area doing photoshoots, here are my absolute favorite spots!

Tunnel Springs Park

Tunnel Springs park is an area with lots of grass and rolling hills. This location is open year round, but it’s definitely better in the warmer months. There is a large parking area and trails you can walk on in the hills.

Farmington Canyon

Farmington Canyon is a great place to just drive around and take photos at the pull-offs. It is open year round, and usually isn’t as busy as some of the other canyons around.

Jordan Pines Campground

Jordan Pines Campground is a beautiful tree filled area in Big Cottonwood canyon. This location is open year round, with amazing scenery each season. There is a large parking area and it is easy to find!

The Utah State Capitol

The Utah State Capitol is gorgeous inside and out. I would highly recommend going when the cherry blossoms are out, usually during the end of March and beginning of April. This location is open year round. There are tons of parking options.

The Bonneville Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats is such a unique and gorgeous landscape. It is open all year round. I recommend going to the salt flats rest area in Wendover, and driving onto the flats from there. If you are going to the flats when it is wet or rainy, your car could get stuck. I like to park at the rest stop and walk onto the flats when it isn’t dry enough to drive. I would recommend going here during the warmer months, it can flood in the winter.

Downtown Ogden

The area around Monarch is a fun little downtown spot in Ogden. It is open year round. There is only street parking for this spot, but it is free. It is perfect for a city feel if you don’t live next to SLC.

Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island is one of my favorite photo spots. The area is pretty big, but I have some go-to spots. I will stop along the strip on the way to the island, it honestly looks like you’re at the beach. Once I get to the island, I take a right and go to the first parking area called “Lady Finger,” there are several trails form this area and it is stunning. The park it open year round. It costs $10 per car to get into the park. I often meet clients in the parking lot right before the pay booth and carpool.

Liberty Park

Liberty Park is a great spot for some nature in SLC. The park is open year round. There is a lot of parking, but it is often full so be sure to get there early.

Downtown Salt Lake City

Downtown SLC is a great place if you want a city background in your photos. I tend to shoot in the area around City Creek Mall, but there are tons of spots you can go to. You will most likely have to pay to park, but it’s so worth it.

Farmington Creek Trail

Farmington Creek Trail has so many amazing photos spots along it. One of my favorites being a huge bridge. It is open year round. There is just street parking at the trailhead, but it is free.

Albion Basin

Albion Basin is one of the most gorgeous places in northern Utah. It is only open when there is no snow. The parking can be limited and you’ll have to pay $6 to get in. The wildflowers there are usually in bloom July & August. Please please please stay on the trails when shooting here so it can stay beautiful.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon is such a stunning photo spot. It is only open when there is no snow. There is a parking lot near the visitors center and extra parking nearby.

Adams Reservoir

Andy Adams Reservoir is a small area, but it has a lot of variety. The parking area is small, but you can always park on the street. It is open year round.

Ogden Botanical Gardens

These gardens are free to enter all year round! They are open an hour after sunset till an hour before sunrise. They have a good sized parking lot. There is so much variety here in the scenery, you get mountains, roses, a stream, and much more.

The Mantua Poppy Field

The Mantua poppy field is in full bloom in mid-June. It is still a gorgoues location even when it’s not in season. The parking is limited. You can find this location by heading to box elder campground in Mantua.

The Great Saltair

The Great Saltair is like a mini version of the Bonneville salt flats, but a little wetter. You cannot drive out onto it like you can with the flats. This location is open year round and looks pretty much the same no matter the season. There is a large parking area and you do not have to walk far.

Layton Commons Park

Layton Commons Park is a great spot with water, industrial, and tree elements. This location is open year round. There is street parking around the whole park.

Red Butte Garden

Red Butte Garden in SLC is a beautiful place for photos. It is closed through the holidays. Opening and closing times differ throughout the year. It costs $14 per adult plus a $100 photography fee to take photos there. There is a large parking lot.

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