The Best Photo Spots in Rexburg, Idaho

Beaver Dick Park

I know, I know, the name of this park is… strange. BUT it is seriously so pretty. This park has a lot to offer as it is connected to pretty hiking trails, a huge field, and a gorgeous river. The park is only open during the warm seasons, however you can easily park across the street and enter the park when it is closed. Let’s talk about that huge field, getting to it is a little tricky as you are not going to turn into the park entrance. Instead, you will turn into a road right next to the entrance and drive until you reach an opening in the fence. That’s where I always park and enter the field.

Downtown Rexburg, specifically College Avenue

If you want a cute “city feel” to your shoot this is your spot! I recommend parking in the parking lot at the end of the road since street parking is 2 hours. When shooting downtown, don’t be afraid to walk around the near by streets and alleyways! Some of my favorite shots here are in an alley.

Nature Park

If you want to go somewhere less crowded, Nature Park is usually a safe bet. This park offers trails, a lake, and tons of trees. This is one of my favorite spots to go when it is snowy. Watch out for the millions of ducks that live here, haha! But seriously, why are there so many ducks?

BYU-Idaho Ricks Gardens & Apple Orchard

The Brigham Young University-Idaho campus has a lot to offer photoshoot wise. Make sure when you come to these spots to park your car off campus or come after 4pm to avoid getting a ticket. I would recommend going after 4pm anyways, because you don’t want to have to shoot when there are students everywhere.

The Parking Garage at The Lodge

This location is perfect if you want those classic rooftop photos! You will need to drive all the way to the top of the garage where it is uncovered. Be so careful driving in the garage, it is very narrow and people tend to drive super fast. For reals, I have seen way too many car wrecks here, drive slow.

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