Tips for your kids during family photos

Bring Toys

Bringing toys to a photoshoot is a great way to keep a smile on your child’s face. These are especially useful because I can hold up their favorite toy right by my camera to get them to look! It also gives them something to do while I am taking photos of other family members during the photoshoot.

Have a Reward

Children often respond well to photos when parents have a reward for them after completing the photoshoot. You can use this reward throughout the photoshoot as a bribe for them to stay focused. An example of this is telling your child that if they take the photos, they will get ice cream afterward.

Play Music

Do your children have a favorite song? Playing music for them can help keep them in a good mood.

Bring Treats and Drinks

Sometimes children get worn out and want to quit halfway through your photos. Bringing a snack can help give them a little break and be used as a great bribe. It is also important to bring a drink in case anyone get thirsty.

Be Prepared for Weather

The most common complaint from children is that it is too hot or too cold. Make sure you bring tools to help them feel comfortable with the weather. If it is a hot day, get some water, dress them lightly, and maybe even have a little fan. If it is a cold day, bring hand warmers, hats, coats, and blankets they can wrap up in between shots.

Ask Your Photographer for Poses with Motion

As you know, children do not want to stand still and smile for a camera. A simple fix is asking your photographer to pose you in ways where you can have motion. This can look like holding hands and running around with your little ones, tossing them up in the air, or giving them a tickle attack.

Keep Your Photoshoot Short

Be realistic with your expectations for your children. A 30-minute photoshoot might be the most you’re going to get out of them, and that’s okay!

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