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*this post was created in paid sponsorship with Basic Invite*

As a wedding photographer, I know how much customization for weddings matters to my couples. This is why I want to share with you all an amazing company you can use for sending out your wedding invitations! They are called Basic Invite and I absolutely love all of their invitations. You can find them at 

Let’s talk customization! Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options for your invitations. Not only that, but you can change the colors on any element of you card. Going in further, you can choose from 40+ colors for you envelopes. Go to order save the dates to check out their options! When you create something you love, you can order a custom sample to make sure it is exactly what you see online.

I especially love Basic Invite because of how adaptable they are. With Covid-19 going on, there have been countless rescheduled weddings. Basic Invite has change the date cards that can be used for this very reason! These cards are perfect for couples who have already send out wedding invitations and need to update their guests on when their big day is. Personally, my wedding was rescheduled due to COVID-19 and this was the perfect way for my friends and family to stay updated. Life is unpredictable and weddings get rescheduled all the time, change the date cards are here to help.

Basic Invite is so unique compared to other card brands, they provide their customers with their very own wedding website for free! You can point your guest to this website and it will have all of the information they need. You can add things like directions to your venue, pictures of the happy couple, and any wedding details you want your guests to know. This website is totally customizable, just like Basic Invite’s cards.

One last perk before you go, Basic Invite offers free address collection services! They will provide you with a link you can share anywhere you’d like, this way all of you guests can receive your beautiful, custom invitation. When you do this, Basic Invite will give you free envelope printing.

*this post was created in paid sponsorship with Basic Invite*

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